Tutumlu Consultancy


“Our priority is yout satisfaction and trust. In growing Barcelona we see you as a part of the city, we hope to have our friends in every new project, in this purpose we created the Tutumlu Consultancy. Our target; to help you to build better tomorrows without compromising on quality in service.”  BAYRAM TUTUMLU

Our founder, Bayram Tutumlu was born in Ankara, he is a businessman who worked many years in Spanish football industry. He went to Switzerland to continue his studies. He graduated from Department of Economics, Psychology and Journalism at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland. His career in football began by leading the leadership of some football players in FC Barcelona. When he took Michael Laudrup from FC Barcelona to Real Madrid, it was highlighted in the world and especially in the Spanish media.

He is one of the leading businessmen of the Barcelona since 1984. He has been very successful in project solution approaches with his quality touch, solution oriented working principle and prestigious career.

Our group, which was founded in Barcelona in 2016, actively serves in RESIDENCY CONSULTANCY, INVESTMENT CONSULTANCY, GOLDEN VISA areas. We also provide services in various areas, such as translation and education consultancy, which many customers may need during or after the process.

Our company provides good service, perfect timing and price advantages to customers in all the fields that we serve.